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How do I contact Cheatday Social's Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) designated agent?

What to consider before submitting a copyright complaint:
Before submitting a copyright complaint to us, please consider whether or not the use could be considered fair use.
To reach our designated agent, you can contact:
THE ONE Design s.r.o.
Attn: Cheatday Designated Agent

Deactivating your Cheatday Account

How can I delete my account?

Send us an email with your username and associated email address to

Beta Program

How do I join Beta?

To join beta fill out our contact form and let us know you'd like to join the beta program. If you are selected we will ask you for your email associated with your Cheatday account and send you an invitation to test unreleased features from Cheatday.

* Please note Beta is an unreleased version of the app that helps us find bugs and enhance the experience and performance of Cheatday. This might affect the performance of your Cheatday app as we rollout unreleased content for you to test and send feedback.

Change password?

How do I update my password?

To update your password go to settings on your profile page, go to the security section and you will see the update password form. Follow the instructions on the page.


What is allowed on Cheatday?

We understand that you may want to share nude images that are inherently artistic or creative in essence. This includes photos, videos, and digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and nude close-ups, as well as nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures. This content will be categorized as NSFW Mature Content.

When posting NSFW Mature Content, please toggle the NSFW button to On in Post Settings. This will prevent your content from being shown to minors and prevent account/post deletion.

If your NSFW content is not tagged as NSFW, users may report your post and it will consequently be deleted. Repeated violations will lead to account deletion.

To ensure you can see NSFW posts, please enter your Privacy and Safety Settings, tap NSFW Mature Content, and switch the button to On. You will then be able to see posts tagged as NSFW.

iOS and Android App

When is Cheatday coming to Android and iOS?

We are now working on developing mobile apps to bring you an even better experience using Cheatday Social on the go.

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